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Gumdrop Peacocks

Gumdrop Peacocks
Let snack time be fun time with these adorable Gum Drop Peacocks! This activity is easy and delicious - just let the kids get creative with different types and colors of gum drop candies. Create a bunch of peacocks and put on a display of all their "feathers." This is a great activity for little hands, too, as it promotes fine motor development. 


  • large fruit slice
  • 11 small gumdrops
  • 2 candy eye balls
  • 1 fruit-flavored breath mint
  • raw pasta noodles (broken into quarters)
  • Royal icing 



  1. To create the head, stick a raw pasta stick into the bottom of a gumdrop. Push a breath mint into the gumdrop for the beak. Spread or pipe royal icing and adhere candy eyes. Set aside to dry.
  2. Push two gumdrops onto a noodle, leaving room at the bottom to adhere to the base to make the feathers. Make 4 more sticks. Use the large fruit slice as the base, and stick the head into the center. Push the feathers around in a circular shape.
  3. Tip - If your peacocks don’t stand up, use a noodle in the back to prop up.  
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