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Disappearing Sugar Magic Trick
Disappearing Sugar Magic Trick

Next time you are out to dinner, amaze your friends or family with a little magic while you wait for your food to arrive. All you need is a restaurant-style sugar packet!


  • 2 sugar packets


  1. Take a sugar packet and empty the contents behind the scenes. You can do this by taking a packet to the restroom or bringing a pre-emptied sugar packet with you.
  2. To empty the package without anyone knowing it’s been tampered with, just separate the two sides like you are opening up a bag of chips (but don’t really open it!). Then tear a small hole on the top and in the middle of one side, about an inch down from the top.
  3. Slip the pre-emptied sugar packet into the table-top sugar packet container without being noticed by others.

Let The Show Begin:

  1. Select the already emptied sugar packet from the container and rip the packet across the entire top (over the small hole you previously emptied the sugar out of).
  2. Show friends that your hand is empty, then make a fist.
  3. “Empty” the sugar into your fist.
  4. Say the magic words and open your fist! Presto - the sugar has vanished just in time for your meal to appear!
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