Halloween Craft Ideas Made with Sugar

Scare up some Halloween fun with these easy Halloween craft  projects and recipes made with pure cane sugar. You'll find spooky ideas for yummy party treats, classroom activities, homeschool projects and decorations.


Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn in Stuffed Paper Apples and Pumpkins
Part craft and part treat, these Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn in Stuffed Paper Apples and Pumpkins make for a fun activity for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Fall themed children’s parties.  Start in the kitchen making cinnamon sugar popcorn together, then bring the party to the craft table and let your little ones cut and stitch their own apple and pumpkin treat bags. 
Halloween Mystery Box
What's inside this Halloween Mystery Box? Here's a fun, sensory and spooky Halloween game that will oooh and ahhh little guests. Children put their hand inside the box and try to figure out what spooky thing is hidden inside. The grosser the better! Let their imaginations go wild. 
Surprise Watercolor Spider Web
Here's a fun Halloween activty that will keep the kids busy with fun! Whether you're having a kids' Halloween party, or just want to get into the spooky spirit of the holiday, these Surprise Watercolor Spider Webs will do the trick. 
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