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Spider Web Tie-Dyed Shirts
Spider Web Tie Dye Shirts

How cute (and spooky) are these tie-dyed t-shirts? Your kids will love getting in on the Halloween fun with this busy activity. This craft is great for family gatherings, Halloween parties or fall school and church functions. Let kids be creative and make the spider "webs' look however they want. 

Using sugar to tie-dye t-shirts is great for making designs that you can’t normally make using rubber bands. It’s a cute project that you can do to celebrate and wear for Halloween.

This project takes awhile to dry, so plan accordingly. 


  • Cardboard square (big enough for a t-shirt to fit over)
  • Newspaper, or old plastic tarp or tablecloth
  • Child size blank white t-shirt
  • Piping bag or plastic food storage bag
  • Spray bottle 
  • Orange Dye
  • Black fabric marker (found at craft stores)
  • Imperial Sugar Extra Fine Granulated Sugar


  1. Cover your work area with newspaper, plastic or an old tablecloth.  
  2. Wet the shirt and wring out. Put a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt.
  3. Put sugar in a plastic bag or a piping bag and secure the top with a rubber band. Snip off the bottom and pipe out the sugar - "draw" a spider web shape over the surface of the shirt (see picture above). Cover the front of the shirt with orange dye and let sit to dry overnight.
  4. Rinse off the sugar in cold water. Wring out and lay shirt flat on work surface. Use fabric marker to draw spiders in the web. Let dry overnight.
  5. Wash in cold water and dry in dryer to set color.


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