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Personalized Halloween Jar
Personalized Halloween Jar

Looking for an easy and cute way to decorate a jar to hold cookies or candy this Halloween? We’ve got a trick that will treat those to a special keepsake long after the sweets disappear. With a white piece of cardstock, a black ink pad and a few extra pen markings, you can turn your child’s thumb print into a spider and finger print into a bat. Glue on eyes and you’ve made a not-so-spooky creation that a teacher or grandparent would adore!


  • Jar filled with treats
  • White piece of cardstock
  • Black ink pad
  • Pen
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes


  1. Cut cardstock to fit the lid of the jar of treats.
  2. Press your child's thumb into the black ink to cover it liberally.
  3. Press the ink covered thumb onto the white cardstock to leave an impression.
  4. Glue googly eyes and draw on legs or wings.
  5. Glue the decorated cardstock to the top of the jar.

We used ribbon, a plastic spider ring and paper to further decorate our jar. You can use this idea for any type of treat container.

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