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With just three ingredients and 15 minutes you can make this fresh blackberry jam. This quick and easy recipe is good for little chefs too.
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Jelly, jam, fruit preserves, chutney, fruit butter and marmalade – all of these are different ways to refer to delicious combinations of fruit, vegetables and sugar that are combined together, often for canning. How you prepare it and what ingredients you use determine the correct terminology for the recipe.

We think we have a great selection of fruit preserve recipes you and your family will enjoy spreading on toast or eating right out of the jar! Try one of these sweet temptations:

Grape Freezer Jelly

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Apple Pie Filling
Prep: 0:40 | Bake/Cook: 0:25
Chef :: Kelley Epstein
Published: 06/4/16
Not yet rated!
Apricot Jalapeno Jelly
Prep: 0:45
Chef :: Kelley Epstein
Published: 12/2/13
Not yet rated!
Blackberry Mojito Jelly Cups
Prep: 0:15
Chef :: @bakescupcakes
Published: 04/30/18
Not yet rated!
Blueberry FOG Jam (Fig, Orange, Ginger)
Prep: 0:05 | Bake/Cook: 0:30
Chef :: Doughmesstic
Published: 08/9/13
Not yet rated!
Blueberry Lime Jam
Prep: 0:15 | Bake/Cook: 0:30
Chef :: Kelley Epstein
Published: 04/8/14
Blueberry Thyme Lemon Jam
Prep: 0:15 to 0:30
Chef :: Bree Hester
Published: 05/5/15
Not yet rated!
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