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These Trail Mix Energy Bites are a convenient and easy snack when you are on the go.  Dates, trail mix, oats, flax seed and a hint of brown sugar and honey all rolled up into a sweet little bite....
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Who doesn’t love a tasty snack once in a while?  While excessive snacking can add a pound or two there are also healthy snacks that can give you the energy you need between meals.  Try out some favorite snacks such as banana nut bread or zucchini muffins.

If it is a little closer to your main meal time then maybe one of our appetizer recipes will be just what you are looking for. From the delicious brown-sugar pecan baked brie to the shrimp stuffed mushrooms you are sure to find something to delight.

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Quick Pickled Watermelon
Prep: 0:05 | Bake/Cook: 0:05 to 0:10
Chef :: Doughmesstic
Published: 07/16/15
Not yet rated!
Raspberry Jalapeno Jam
Prep: 0:60
Chef :: Kelley Epstein
Published: 04/14/16
Not yet rated!
Raspberry Nutella Crepes
Prep: 0:16 | Bake/Cook: 0:02
Chef :: Jessica Segarra
Published: 05/19/14
Not yet rated!
Raspberry Poppy Seed Bread
Prep: 0:15 | Bake/Cook: 1:15
Chef :: Bridget Edwards
Published: 05/23/14
Not yet rated!
Reduced Sugar Salted Chocolate Almond Granola Bars
Prep: 0:10 | Bake/Cook: 0:10 to 0:15
Chef :: Erin Clarke
Published: 01/6/15
Not yet rated!
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Sweet & Spicy Pecan Pesto
Prep: 0:50 | Bake/Cook: 0:40
Chef :: Margee B
Published: 11/19/12
Not yet rated!
Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms
Prep: 0:20 | Bake/Cook: 1:00
Chef :: Bobbie G
Published: 11/3/12
Slow Cooker Chili Burger Dip
Prep: 0:15 | Bake/Cook: 8:00
Chef :: Doughmesstic
Published: 01/13/15
Not yet rated!
Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Pecans
Prep: 1:00 | Bake/Cook: 1:30
Chef :: Bree Hester
Published: 07/14/16
Not yet rated!
Slow Cooker Spiced Applesauce
Prep: 0:20 | Bake/Cook: 4:00
Chef :: Bree Hester
Published: 08/11/14
Not yet rated!
Soft Pretzel Bites
Prep: 3:00 | Bake/Cook: 0:45
Chef :: Shelly J
Published: 10/13/14
Not yet rated!
Soy Glazed Celebration Pot Stickers

Chef :: Diane H
Published: 11/17/11
Not yet rated!
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