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This sticky peanut, pineapple and red pepper chicken wing glaze recipe is an Asian-inspired sauce that matches perfectly with a batch of oven-fried chicken wings. The tangy peanut and red pepper sauce...
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Asian recipes are as diverse and special as the cultures from which they come. They cover a wide range of tastes and ingredients, from Korean BBQ to Japanese sushi to Chinese noodles to Thai peanut sauce. Fresh ingredients and exotic flavors combine to make the perfect Asian dish.

We have collected some of our favorite Asian recipes to help you with ideas for that special snack, side dish, entrée, beverage or dessert with an Asian flare, from Fortune Cookies to Thai Iced Tea. Whether you’re looking for Asian Sticky Wings to serve during the game, a fresh and tasty Shrimp Pad Thai Salad, or a special dessert from the Far East, like Strawberry Wonton Cups  or Green Tea Coconut Pound Cake, we know you’ll find something unique to satisfy your taste buds!

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Asian Fish Cakes with Homemade Teriyaki Sauce
Prep: 0:20 | Bake/Cook: 0:25
Chef :: Cassie L
Published: 03/1/13
Not yet rated!
Asian Grilled Chicken with Perfect Pear Relish
Prep: 0:15 | Bake/Cook: 0:15
Chef :: Janice E
Published: 11/10/11
Not yet rated!
Asian Sticky Wings
Prep: 0:30 | Bake/Cook: 1:00
Chef :: Erin Sellin
Published: 09/10/11
Bulgogi Turkey Burgers with Asian Pear Slaw
Prep: 0:20 | Bake/Cook: 0:15
Chef :: Edwina G
Published: 11/20/11
Not yet rated!
Chili Lime Wanton Dip
Prep: 0:05
Chef :: Mya Z
Published: 11/20/11
Dancing Shrimp Thai Pineapple Curry
Prep: 0:20
Chef :: Diane H
Published: 11/17/11
Not yet rated!
Ginger Kabocha (Chao Nan Gua) Crème Brulee
Prep: 0:30 | Bake/Cook: 0:35
Chef :: Brenda A
Published: 11/11/12
Not yet rated!
Indian Inspired Roasted Carrot Date Smoothie
Prep: 0:15 | Bake/Cook: 0:20
Chef :: Cherylptw
Published: 08/23/13
Not yet rated!
Orange Broccoli Chicken
Prep: 0:10 | Bake/Cook: 0:15
Chef :: SockMonkeySlippers
Published: 01/28/14
Not yet rated!
Peach Cobbler Wontons with Bourbon Whipped Cream
Prep: 0:25 | Bake/Cook: 0:35
Chef :: Chris Cockren
Published: 09/17/15
Not yet rated!
Shrimp Pad Thai Salad
Prep: 0:15
Chef :: Cassie L
Published: 01/17/14
Not yet rated!
Slow Cooker Korean Beef Tacos
Prep: 0:05 | Bake/Cook: 5:00 to 7:00
Chef :: Erin Sellin
Published: 01/16/15
Not yet rated!
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