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Free-flowing Sugar
Free-Flowing Brown Sugar Shaker

Free-Flowing Brown Sugar Shaker

For a truly distinct flavor, sprinkle onto your favorite snack or beverage with our 10.5-oz free-flowing brown sugar shaker.

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Our Most Popular Free-Flowing Brown Sugar Shaker Recipes
Praline Cookies
Prep: 0:15 | Bake/Cook: 0:10 | Chef :: Shelly J
Recipe Category: Cookies & Bars
Not yet rated!
Cinnamon Sugar Banana Lumpia
Prep: 0:15 | Bake/Cook: 0:20 to 0:25 | Chef :: Imperial Sugar
Recipe Category: Asian
Not yet rated!
Homemade Soft Pretzels
Prep: 0:20 | Bake/Cook: 0:09 | Chef :: Imperial Sugar
Recipe Category: Breads
Lemon-Herb Brined, Beer Can Roasted Chicken
Prep: 1:00 | Bake/Cook: 2:15 | Chef :: Mya Z
Recipe Category: Entrees
Our Newest Free-Flowing Brown Sugar Shaker Recipes
Pecan Honey Butter
Prep: 0:05 | Chef :: Jessica Segarra
Recipe Category: Condiments
Not yet rated!
Twix Brownies
Prep: 0:30 | Bake/Cook: 0:30 | Chef :: Bridget Edwards
Recipe Category: Brownies
Not yet rated!
Toffee Glazed Macadamia Nuts
Prep: 0:15 | Chef :: Shelly J
Recipe Category: Snacks / Appetizers
Not yet rated!
Strawberry Shortcake Cookies
Prep: 0:05 | Bake/Cook: 0:13 to 0:15 | Chef :: Doughmesstic
Recipe Category: Cookies & Bars
Not yet rated!
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