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Imperial Sugar is a major U.S. sugar producer and marketer based in Sugar Land, Texas, with sugar refinery operations in California, Georgia, and Louisiana. The company was established in 1843 and has undergone ownership changes multiple times. The current name, Imperial Sugar Company, was established after a change in ownership in 1907. The company went through major expansion through acquisitions beginning in 1988, but filed for bankruptcy in 2001. Imperial Sugar, high-quality pure cane sugar and sweeteners since 1843. Visit us for recipes, sugar products, coupons, baking tips, kid craft ideas, celebration tips, videos and newsletters.

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Kids in the Kitchen

Sweet things happen when families come together in the kitchen. Make some memories, instill a love of cooking from a young age, pass down traditions, and introduce your children to kitchen basics with these easy and kid-friendly recipes.
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Sugar can used in lots of fun ways other than just cooking. A hands-on, fun food craft provides an outlet for quality one-on-one interaction, builds confidence, improves fine motor skills, and sparks their inner artist.
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Is it art or is it food? Who cares when it’s this much fun! Kids learn by doing, so instead of saying, “stop playing with your food” for the 47th time – encourage their creativity with these easy, whimsical (and completely edible) art projects.
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Imperial Sugar 4lb Extra Fine Granulated Pure Cane Sugar Bag
Imperial Sugar 1lb Powdered Sugar
Imperial Sugar Light Brown Sugar 1-LB Box



There's a reason Imperial Sugar has been a
high-quality sweetener of choice for over 175 years
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There's a reason Imperial Sugar has been a high-quality sweetener of choice for over 175 years
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