15 Movie Theater Copycat Recipes for Movie Night at Home

15 Movie Theater Copycat Recipes for Movie Night at Home

With the rise of streaming services, making your own movie night is easier than ever. Save yourself the Friday-night hassle (and the ever-rising cost) of the movie theater, and create a delicious, homemade treat for your family.

Snuggle in with your favorite snacks and make your big screen into a big night. The most popular choices are always popcorn, peanuts and candy bars. We suggest a balance of sweet and savory options to create your own movie feast. As a “preview” to your movie night, have the family get together to put the finishing touches on the dishes.

Set up your living room like a movie theater by adding some touches of red cloth and dimmer lights. Serve your popcorn in paper boxes to really get the movie theater feel. (Or, if you plan to make it a weekly event, these plastic popcorn tubs are adorable.)

movie night

For sweets, recreate candies and frozen treats you can find in movie lines. We have great recreations of chocolate-y favorites like Twix, Butterfinger, and Snickers.

If you’d like to go a little more decadent, whip up these salted caramel peanut butter cups. For those more in love with fruit candy, create a batch of Citrus and Raspberry-Pomegranate Gumdrops.

Snow cones can be a fun option too, especially with our raspberry and lemon-lime snow cone syrups.

movie night

For savory options, there are plenty of homemade baked goods and special touches on the classics. Amp up popcorn by making it sweet and salty or by adding a caramel finish.

Bake up one of our variations on a pretzel or play up our deep dish pizza crust with your own fillings. And what kind of movie theater is complete without a hot dog heater? Bake up some homemade, gluten-free buns and top your dogs off with sweet pickle relish or bread and butter pickles you make yourself.

Movie night is the best night with a full snack bar by your side. Browse our selections for some classic movie treats or find some new favorites. Then it’s “Lights, Camera, Action,” in the kitchen to put this memorable evening together!