5 Easy Easter Crafts for Kids Made with Edible Decoupage

5 Easy Easter Crafts

Looking for some fun crafts to do on Easter weekend? It’s a good thing you hopped on over to our blog, because we’ve got fun and easy Easter crafts with ingredients you'll find right in your own kitchen. No fancy art supplies needed. Yarn Bunnies, Sugar String Eggs & Baskets and more. The key to making these sweet and easy Easter crafts for kids is one thing: edible glue. While we don’t recommend eating it just for fun, this homemade decoupage is completely safe if consumed. With just four ingredients (flour, oil, sugar and water) - this glue will hold things together - but isn’t toxic just in case the little ones decide to lick their fingers. Once you finish making the edible decoupage, you’ll be ready to start crackin’ on these fun Easter-themed projects. You can decorate your home for the Easter bunny or give them as gifts to teachers, neighbors or family. Yarn BunniesYarn Bunnies - This adorable craft is fun for Easter baskets or to give away as a present. Just paint a plastic egg with the edible decoupage. Then wind white yarn around the egg to create the bunny’s “fur.” Embellish your bunny with a tail, fluffy pink nose, and some googly eyes. Cut ears and feet out of foam paper. If your bunnies are hungry, you can make some foam carrots for them to snack on. Stand them up for a cute place card for Easter brunch or dinner. Easter baskets and eggsSugar String Eggs & Baskets - Take the same craft concept we used with the yarn bunny project one step further to make adorable Easter eggs and baskets. Just soak yarn in the edible decoupage before wrapping it around an inflated balloon. You can cover the balloon completely or leave open spaces. When finished, secure the string end under another layer so it isn’t loose. The trick here is to tie a piece of string to the end of the balloon so you can hang the string-covered balloon to dry. Drying time depends on how large the balloon and yarn are - but it can take up to 24 hours. Be sure to hang it over a sink, bathtub or somewhere outside so the sugar glue doesn’t drip on your floor. When your project is dry (this is the fun part) you POP the balloon and discard it. The yarn will hold its shape. Hippity, Hoppity....you have a basket or egg-shaped treat ready for Easter morning. Decoupage yarn artDecoupage Yarn Art - Your little lambs can cultivate their inner Monet with this flowery yarn art project. Have them draw a flower on a piece of paper, then with edible decoupage-coated yarn, they’ll circle the yarn onto the paper into a beautiful, blossoming flower shape. Carrot pinataEaster Carrot Pinata - Turn Easter day into a true fiesta with this piñata shaped like a carrot. Peter Cottontail might stick around to see the sweet treats hidden inside. Using edible decoupage coated newspaper strips, you’ll cover a balloon. We used orange and green crepe paper to decorate the outside, but kids can creative with paint as well. Fabric Squares Easter BasketFabric Square Easter Basket - Your kids will love making their own egg-straordinary Easter basket. Made with fabric squares, this creative decoration is fun to fill with sweet treats on Easter morning or to use as package for an Easter gift. Just coat fabric squares with edible decoupage and cover a balloon halfway. You’ll need to give it time to dry, but the outcome is worth the wait. Which of  these easy Easter crafts is your favorite?