5 Summer Drinks To Perk Up Your Parties

5 Summer Drinks to Perk Up Your Parties

When it’s party time, refreshments are expected. Go beyond the basic bottled beverage route by whipping up something your guests have never tried. These summer drinks will perk up your parties well into the fall months.

The following factions of summer drinks come from a day-and-age where entertaining was easy. Find a descriptor that perks your interest and head over to our 1959 “Summer Coolers” cookbook to get your Laura Petrie on. If a 1950s entertainer can pull these together in a snap when company arrives, we know you can too.

The ‘ades

These tart summer drinks go far beyond traditional “lemonade.” Think bright citrus flavors, like orange or grapefruit, that can cool you down in two gulps. These fruits are often native to southern states, so pick up a Texas Red Grapefruit or a Florida Key Lime to bring your drinks closer to home. Sweeten the bright flavors up with our simple syrup base (which you could infuse with any number of sultry summer herbs). Refresh the recipes with sparkling water for zingier sensations.

The fizzes

Spark things up and cool things down with a refreshing mixture of “charged waters” and fruit ice. A “fruit ice” is an old-fashioned version of a popsicle. It’s just a little more creamy and thick with added gelatin and egg white. These summer drinks get their name from the reaction between the frozen pop and a beverage of your choice. Fill your freezer with fruit ices throughout the summer. When your family experiences the fizz and fun, they won’t want to stop!

The flips

Get ready to flip out over these frothy summer drinks. Each flip is reminiscent of an ‘ade above, but adds a well-beaten egg to the mix. It’s a thick and velvety secret ingredient that’s soothing in summer. Worried about the raw eggs? To avoid the risk of Salmonella, buy pasteurized eggs so the risk of bacterial infection is greatly reduced.

The ice cream sodas

If root beer floats (or as we like to call them “Black Cow Sodas”) are a family favorite at your house, shake things up with these summer drinks. Make your own vanilla ice cream and run wild with it. We love how the vintage recipes in our book introduce flavors like coffee and ginger or pineapple and maraschino cherry to the sodas. By making everything from scratch, you’ll have a soda shop where all the kiddos will want to frequent.

The punches

"Summer calls for dawdling suppers on a breezy porch, barbecues and outdoor meals.” We don’t think we could sum up punch’s place at the table any better. We love having a big bowl of fruity flavor for friends who stop by in the summertime. Many of the recipes we have, like Golden Nectar Punch and Loganberry Punch, are decadent in their own right. Make more adult versions by adding flavored rums or cordials. Whether you’re packing a punch in the punch bowl or settling fried and fizzed nerves, refreshing summer drinks are essential when the weather gets warm. Pick up some fruity flavors at the store or local farmer's market and get to filling every last jug and pitcher with pizzazz from way-back-when.


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