5 Tips To Decorate Halloween Desserts with Candy

5 Tips To Decorate Halloween Desserts

On the spookiest night of the year, everyone loves a good piece of candy. But candy also makes a fun decoration for Halloween desserts like cookies, cupcakes and cakes. Kids love to see a classic dessert morph into a scary ghost or monster with a couple of candy eyeballs or a piece of chocolate candy.Frankenstein-Marshmallow-Pops-imperial-768x511.jpgPurchase candy eyeballs from craft or candy stores. These edible decorations make Halloween desserts “pop”! Attach eyeballs with a small dot of icing, melted chocolate or gel that has been poured into a ziplock bag with a tiny hole cut in the corner. Be sure to hold candy in place until it adheres. Try out our ghoulish Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops these Gingerbread Zombies or our Haunted Halloween Ghosts.popcorn-eye-balls-imperial-768x511.jpgTry making Halloween desserts with homemade candy clay made of candy melts. Just stir melted candy melts and corn syrup together and pour onto a piece of plastic wrap. You’ll need to cover and set aside for 30 minutes before you use it. When it’s ready, unwrap and knead the candy clay until it’s smooth. Shape it however you desire and press onto your dessert. Try out this technique with our Popcorn Eye Ball recipe.Reeses-Chocolate-Bat-Cookies-imperial-768x511.jpgUse store-bought candy to create a shape or body part onto Halloween desserts. In our Reese’s Chocolate Bat Cookies, we used a round Reese’s Peanut butter cup to make the bat’s head.peanut-butter-lovers-sheet-cake-imperial-768x511.jpgUse candy as a delicious garnish for Halloween desserts. Our Worm & Dirt Pudding Parfaits wouldn’t be the same without gummy worm candies slithering out of the chocolate cookie crumbs. Our Peanut Butter Lovers Sheet Cake is made even more delicious with Reese’s Pieces and mini Reese’s Peanut Butter cups sprinkled over the top. You can also toss Halloween candy into a festive fall mix like with our Monster Munch Popcorn Snack Mix. or dip your chocolate-covered treats into crushed candies like with our Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Pops.Monster-Cookie-Bars-Imperial-768x512.jpg

Cook the candy right into the batter. Small bite size candies like M&Ms and chopped up candy bars make a great addition to a cookie or brownie batter like in our Monster Cookie Bars

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