7 Marvelous Minty Mojito Recipes

7 Marvelous Minty Mojito Recipes Imperial

Mojitos have made their way from Cuba to the US in a big way. These refreshing, fun-time cocktails are becoming an American favorite to cool off the hot summer days. Born in Havana, this lime and rum based beverage is also a popular highball all over the Caribbean.

Champagne, Raspberry, Green Tea, Mango....no matter what mojito recipes you mix up -- keep the following tips in mind to concoct the most refreshing drink possible.

  1. Prepare your mojito in a tall, thin glass with a heavy base.
  2. Mojitos are meant to be sipped slowly. Take your time to enjoy.
  3. Use crushed ice for the ultimate cold-temperatured drink. Just remember that crushed ice also melts quicker than ice cubes, which will slightly dilute your strong, flavorful drink. You can always add a little more rum if it gets too weak.
  4. Muddle your mint correctly to release essential oils in the leaves. You want the mint to infuse, not over power, the rum. Check out our post about preparing Mint Juleps for mint muddling tips.


Classic Mojito - Our seven mojito recipes all stem from this classic consisting of white rum, lime juice, sugar, mint and club soda. Tropical island breezes and warm sunshine - this mojito recipe will conjure the Caribbean right from your glass.

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Champagne Mojito - Our first spin on the traditional mojito recipe is perfect for celebrating a special occasion. Champagne Mojitos will have you ready to make a toast to those you love. Like our classic recipe, this classy cocktail has rum and fresh mint, but instead of sparkling water, we used champagne for a bubbly kick. For a non-alcoholic version, substitute sparkling cider for the champagne.

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Green Tea Mojito - Mint, simple syrup and lime juice blend perfectly with green tea for a fabulous cocktail or mocktail.


Mango Mojito - Add a tropical layer to the classic mojito with the addition of a traditional Caribbean fruit...the mango. Your guests will rave about this adult beverage as they cha-cha by the pool!

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Raspberry Mojito - Add glitz and glam to your brunch with refreshing Raspberry Mojitos. Substitute Prosecco instead of the traditional club soda to make it fancy.

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Watermelon Mojito - Bright and sweet watermelon pairs perfectly with fresh mint in this Watermelon Mojito recipe. For a non-alcoholic version, simply leave out the rum.


Merry Mojito - Why should the summer months get all the fun? Make the cold days of winter extra merry by combining tropical rum and mint in our classic summer time favorite. This recipe calls for Peppermint Schnapps and candy canes -- and would be a hit at your next holiday party.


Virgin Mojito - Love the minty lime taste of a mojito, but can't have the alcohol? Try this virgin mojito beverage recipe for a refreshing, fizzy non-alcoholic cocktail perfect for baby showers, wedding showers or anytime you want a sweet, cool-off beverage.

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