Beyond the Campfire –S’Mores Recipes to Enjoy All Year!

S'mores recipes

When you hear the word campfire do you immediately think of S’mores? We do!  The basic s’more recipe is tried and true and a must for any camping trip or gathering around a fire pit. But you don’t always have access to a crackling fire and let’s be honest, traditional s’mores can be messy.  Bring this outdoor sweet treat inside and ditch the sticky fingers with any of these year-round S’mores type desserts.

These easy S'mores Muffins are loaded with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate, and marshmallow crème for a tasty treat any time of day. Plus, there's even a hidden marshmallow center. Yes please!


These S'more Truffles are easy homemade chocolate ganache truffles with a marshmallow center that have been rolled in crushed graham crackers. Trust us, after one, you'll be asking for s'more!


S'mores Fudge - If you prefer your fudge more on the lightly sweet scale, this recipe will be your new favorite. Smooth and creamy, this fudge has just the right balance between sharp chocolate and sweet marshmallows.


Mini S'more Tarts - These little two-bite tarts have layers of graham cracker, chocolate, and toasted marshmallow. They're small, so you don't have to feel guilty (as long as you don't eat the whole batch at once!)


Pumpkin S'mores Cupcakes - This is what happens when you take a s’more and combine it with a pumpkin pie. A moist chocolate cupcake with a hidden pumpkin filling sits on top of a graham cracker base and is topped with marshmallow butter cream frosting, a chocolate drizzle and marshmallows.


S'mores Mousse Cups - Everything you love about s'mores - chocolate, marshmallow meringue and graham crackers - served in a no mess cup!


Chocolate S'mores Cupcakes - All the warm, gooey goodness of a chocolate s'more in cupcake form. This rich chocolate cupcake has a graham cracker crust and marshmallow frosting. 


S'mores Four-Layer Cake - This four-layer cake captures the s’mores flavor profile perfectly. With layers of moist chocolate cake, marshmallow frosting and chocolate ganache, this sweet treat is waiting to be celebrated.


S'mores Graham Cracker Toffee - An easy 5-ingredient dessert candy recipe great for gift-giving.


Mini S'mores Brownie Bites - Dark and decadent brownies filled with toasty marshmallows and sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs.


6 Tips for Making Traditional Campfire S’Mores:


1.      Safety first! Be cool and use a long stick.

2.      Be even cooler and use 2 long sticks. This will prevent your marshmallow from rotating and falling into the flame.

3.      Keep it clean. Bring hand wipes or paper towels and water to the game to combat messy hands and sticks/skewers.

4.      Double up production by toasting more than one marshmallow at a time. Use both in one s’more or make two s’mores in half the time.

5.      Do you like your marshmallows barely melted or do you prefer them crisp and black? No matter what camp you belong to, be sure to keep an eye on how close your marshmallow gets to the flame.

6.      Soften your chocolate while you toast your marshmallow. Place your chocolate covered graham cracker on a pre-heated/warm piece of wood or plate.