Domestic Mixology: 4 Craft Cocktails To Brew at Home

Domestic Mixology: 4 Craft Cocktails To Brew at Home Imperial

Craft distilleries are the latest zeitgeist to sweep the nation. There are over 800 active micro distillers in the U.S. and dozens more opening every month. Homemade alcohol has always been a part of our country’s heritage and today’s artisanal-booze boom is encouraging a lot of people to give home brewing a try.

Luckily today’s domestic mixology recipes for craft cocktails are a long way from your great-grandfather’s moonshine. You don’t need your own distillery to make your own liqueur or infused alcohol for craft cocktails, but there is a time element involved.

When you infuse flavors into alcohol it can take anywhere from two to six weeks for those flavors to fully develop. And while the wait time might feel like forever, the benefit is that when you make infused alcohols at home, you have the freedom to experiment with fresh, locally-grown ingredients and quality spirits.

Feel like you want to give at-home bartending a try? Here are some easy mixology recipes to get you started. Homemade-Chocolate-Liqueur-imperial.jpgHomemade Chocolate Liqueur - This decadent liqueur gets its flavor from chocolate and cocoa powder. The final finish is deep, sweet and smooth. We recommend using chocolate liqueur in dessert drinks, pies and other chocolatey baked goods. Irish-cream-liqueur-imperial.jpgIrish Cream Liqueur - For those times when you don’t have weeks to spare, Irish Cream Liqueur can be whipped up in less than 10 minutes! You can serve it on its own, as a substitute for cream and sugar in coffee or as a shot. As a dessert drink, many popular spots offer “The Nutty Irishmen,” Irish Cream Liqueur with Hazelnut liqueur in coffee, or “The Moo Moo,” Irish Cream Liqueur with crème de cacao and cream. Ruby-Red-Citrus-Infused-Vodka-imperial.jpgRuby Red Citrus Infused Vodka - Infused vodkas are a simple and delicious way to add new flavors to your favorite drinks. This recipe infuses grapefruit, cherries, thyme and lemon into vodka. Once you get the hang of this process the possibilities for ingredients are endless. raspberry-liqueur-imperial.jpgHomemade Raspberry Liqueur - Create this delicious fruit cordial with sweet raspberries that is fabulous on its own or a perfect way to brighten up any cocktail. These easy, boozy craft cocktails taste great, make cool gifts and are excellent conversation starters. Feeling a little adventurous? Check out these domestic mixology technology gadgets.