Homemade Candy Bar Recipes - Ding Dongs®, Snickers® & Twix®

Homemade Candy Bar Recipes - Ding Dongs®, Snickers® & Twix®

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But while these homemade candy bar recipes were inspired by their store-bought counterparts, they can definitely stand on their own. Nothing is sweeter than homemade goodies and these are easier to make than you might think. So give in to your craving and break out the chocolate.


Let’s start with Ding Dongs® – You might remember seeing the original chocolate cake with a creamy center wrapped in tin foil in your Wonder Woman or Superman lunch box. Hostess began marketing Ding Dongs® in 1967, but stopped all production in November 2012 when they went out of business. In July 2013, a newly reopened Hostess plant in Kansas resumed Ding Dong® production, but the new Ding Dongs® are no longer in the tin foil wrapper and smaller than they once were. Our homemade Ding Dong recipe by Roxana Yawgel is a rich chocolate snack cake filled with silky marshmallow filling and coated in a chocolate ganache.


Snickers® – This candy bar with chocolate, nougat, peanut and caramel was introduced in 1930 by Mars Inc. (formerly Mar-O-Bar Co.), named after the favorite race horse of the Mars family. According to todayifoundout.com:

  • Up until 1990, the Snickers® candy bar was known as the “Marathon” candy bar in Britain.
  • Upon switching the name to Snickers®, as it was known to the rest of the world, the candy bar went from the number one selling candy bar in Britain to the number three.
  • About 100 tons of peanuts go into making about 15 million Snickers bars each day.
  • Each Snickers® bar contains roughly 16 peanuts.
  • The pattern on the underside of the Snickers® bars comes from the belt they ride on while the chocolate cools.

Our delicious Snickers copycat recipe by Roxana Yawgel has only seven ingredients and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.

Snickers® is a registered trademark of Mars, Incorporated. All rights reserved.


Twix Bars® – two bars in one, each has a cookie center with caramel topping and is covered in milk chocolate. The Twix® bar originated in the UK by American-based Mars Inc. in 1967 and was introduced in the United States in 1979. Our homemade Twix version by Roxana Yawgel has a thin buttery cookie layer topped with gooey caramel and rich chocolate ganache and comes together in less than one hour.

TWIX is a trademark of Mars, Inc. ©Mars, Incorporated 2014. All rights reserved.