How to Host a Cookie Swap

How to Host a Cookie Swap

Ready, get set ... swap! We've put together our best tips and recipes to help you host a one-of-a-kind cookie swap this year.

You'll be the hostess with the mostess with the festive invitations, cookie name place cards, voting cards and awards we've created for you.  Just download and print - and impress your guests before they even walk in the door. 

What cookies should you make? Get our tried-and-true, deliciously decadent cookie recipes for a scrumptious swap. There's a recipe for everyone, no matter if you like chocolate, peanut butter, fruit cookies, or classic shortbread. Happy swapping! 

Making cookies for family and friends during the holiday season is a time-honored tradition. But sometimes in the holiday rush, there simply isn’t time for baking 6 or 7 batches of different cookie recipes.

Instead of turning cookie baking into a chore, host a cookie swap party. Invite some friends and have everyone bring their favorite holiday cookie to the party. During the party you “swap” and each goes home with a variety of holiday favorites without having to spend days in the kitchen. Read on for tips on how to host this festive and fun event. 

1. Set the stage: If you are feeling extra creative, download and print our Cookie Swap Party Invitations. If not, e-vites work just fine.

2. Plan ahead: Ask guests to RSVP 10 days before the party, which will give you and them enough lead time to plan and bake. Mornings or afternoons seem to be the best times to host an exchange. That way you won’t conflict with other holiday events

3. Sharing is caring: Each guest should bring four dozen of one type of cookie. Three dozen different cookies will go home with each guest and the remaining dozen will be shared during the party.

4. Variety is the spice of life: Ask everyone to tell you what type of cookies they'll be making to avoid duplications. Also ask them to bring printouts or recipes cards for their cookie recipes – enough that each person will go home with one. If doing digital invites, you can ask guests to send you the recipes and you can send them all at once as a follow up and thank you for attending the party.

5. Make room: Prepare a table where guests can place their cookies and recipe cards. Decorations can be as simple as a table runner and some ornaments.

6. Spread the word: Print these festive Cookie Place Cards and let each guest label them with their name and type of cookie. 

7. Taste testing: Provide a large platter or basket and ask each guest to place 12 of their cookies in/on it for sharing.

8. Give it a name: Ask guests to label the outside of their disposable containers for easy identification.

9. All the extras: Let the party take over while your friends sample the treats. Serve some savory appetizers alongside the cookies to counter the sweetness. Serve our festive Sparkling Cranberry Fruit Punch, Eggnog, or Apple Cider. Or if you are feeling extra festive, you can set up an Iced Coffee and Syrup Bar or Hot Cocoa Bar

10. Sweet sounds: Create a playlist of your favorite holiday tunes to liven the mood.

11. Get it to-go: Have gallon sized plastic bags or foldable clothing boxes on hand in case your guests need extra room to take their cookies home.

12. Other options: Remind guests that they can freeze their cookies for later to use at parties, events, or they can wrap them up for teacher gifts, etc.

Don’t want the fun to end? Go beyond the swap with these fun ideas to keep the party going:

1. What's in the mix? Have a blind taste test with the cookies and ask guests to name 3 ingredients they taste in the cookie (salt, butter, flour and sugar don't count!)

2. And the winner is ... Have a voting contest (and print out these cute award winner cards!) to determine the yummiest cookie. Give a festive prize like a bottle of champagne, a nice holiday tea towel or a cookie spatula. Print these prize cards to label which cookies get awards.

3. Give a little:  Hold a white elephant gift exchange during the party after you’ve tasted the treats.

4. Ornament swap: Ask everyone to bring an ornament to exchange along with their cookies and draw numbers to open ornament presents.

5. Get cozy: Have everyone wear their Christmas PJs – guests are instantly comfortable at a party while wearing their jammies.

6. Movie night: Watch a holiday movie and take a bite of a cookie or a sip of eggnog every time you hear holiday words. Have a score sheet: Christmas, holiday, season, Santa, presents, gift, reindeer, Eve, etc.

7.  Making memories: Take turns sharing and talking about your recipe. Is it a family favorite? Did you used to make it with your mom? Is it a family tradition? Why is it special? 

Not sure what to bake? Check out our suggestions for the Best Recipes for a Cookie Swap.

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