How to Make Italian Cookies – Pignoli, Florentines & Ricciarelli

Italian Cookies

Italian cookies aren’t just for Christmas. Though they are popular during the holiday season, these delizioso sweet treats are fantastic any time of the year. A great way to say welcome to the neighborhood, Italian Cookies are also the perfect way to say join me for some coffee or tea, you did a great job, or hey – it’s Tuesday….let’s have a cookie.

Some of the highest-quality almonds and pine nuts are grown in Sicily so it makes sense that many recipes for Italian cookies contain them. These recipes are surprisingly quick and easy-to-make and will impress your friends at your next get-together.


Ricciarelli is a traditional Italian biscuit originating in 14th century Sienna. This recipe makes a firm, rather than light and airy meringue- type cookie and contains almond flour (found in health food stores) and almond extract. Covered with powdered sugar, these divine, gluten-free cookies pair well with espresso, ice cream or tea.


Florentines are thin, delicate almond-based cookies with a zap of orange zest. These easy-to-make crispy treats are sweet to eat as-is, or you can add a drizzle of chocolate for extra goodness. Only 25 minutes to make!


Pignoli are traditional Italian Dessert Cookies. Popular in Southern Italy and in US Sicilian communities, these cookies are topped with powdered sugar and pine nuts (called Pignoli in Italian). These moist, soft and chewy almond cookies make the ultimate luxurious Italian treat.

Bon appetite!