How To Teach Kids About Kitchen Measurements

How To Teach Kids About Kitchen Measurements

Want a fun way to teach your child about units of measure? Invite them to join you in the kitchen and have them help you bake some cookies. While preparing delicious sweet treats you can enjoy together later, you can also introduce them to math subjects such as fractions and measurement. Trust us; they will be having so much fun they won't even realize that they are in the middle of a kitchen measurements lesson.

Before you grab the flour and sugar, watch this fun Cubie & Cubette's Cooking Club video called Measuring Made Easy. Kids will learn kitchen measurements and how to use tools like liquid measuring cups as well as how to level off the top of a tablespoon of flour and pack ingredients like brown sugar.

Maybe grandma used to make meals with a "pinch" of this and a "dab" of that, but sometimes exact measurements can be extremely important and can greatly impact the outcome of some recipes.

lemon curd macaron

For example, macarons are one of those desserts in which kitchen measurements have to be 100 percent perfect for the recipe to work. These sweet treats, like our Raspberry Chocolate Ganache or Lemon Curd versions are worth the work to make, but they can be temperamental little rascals!

How to Measure Flour

Don't forget to practice the "spoon and sweep" method of measuring flour. When you just dunk the measuring cup into the flour bag, it packs it down which in turn results in too much flour for the recipe. Instead you should sift the flour first and then spoon it into a measuring cup, using a flat edge to level the surface.

To view the entire series of 11 Cubie and Cubette Kid's Cooking Club videos covering topics such as cooking terms, heat safety and how to bake sugar cookies, visit the Kid's Kitchen section of our website.

What kinds of recipes do you like to make with your kids?