Star-Spangled Fourth of July Cake and Craft

star-spangled fourth of July cake and craft

Are you having a Fourth of July celebration this year? Make it a star-spangled event with a kid-friendly craft and a Fourth of July cake that go along with the theme.  We’ve got the recipe for both creative fun and a delicious dessert that are sure to spark fireworks with your guests way before the sun goes down. fourth of july cakeStar-spangled Cheesecake Oh say can you see a cheesecake done right? We’ve got just the delicious and dense delight to bring stars to your eyes. Filled with fresh fruits and a tangy topping, every patriotic party will be complete with this Fourth of July cake. The simplicity of the ingredients in this dish highlights the summer produce toppers and ensures a light bite that’ll have party-goers coming back for piece after piece. Once you’ve baked and set this Fourth of July cake, you’ll need to ensure that it sits at least 4 hours in the refrigerator before cutting. This is a good make-ahead recipe, perfect for the day before your get together with friends. To ensure your cheesecake comes out clean and pristine, invest in a springform pan. These pans have sides that lock and unlock so that cakes come out intact. They’re not only great for making cheesecakes, but also tortes, pizzas and quiches – so you’ll get your money’s worth. Get your family involved in the creation of your Fourth of July cake. Once you’ve cut up the fruit, (and we mean you, the adult in the room), you can let the kids go to town placing the berries in patriotic patterns of their own choosing. If you’re going to be traveling with this confection to a party or celebration, ensure you’ve got it stored in a cool place. You don’t want the cake to lose its firmness or moisture, because you’ll have a broken-down and mushy mess instead of the pretty dessert you’ve created.


Star-Spangled Paper Lanterns While your Fourth of July cake is baking or chilling, continue to shine your patriotism near and far with these delightful paper lanterns. Set up the crafting table and break out the creativity, because these lanterns are so easy to make that your yard will be full of them in no time. Our lantern project uses a pre-made lantern as the base for creative exploration. You can shape your tissue paper different ways to showcase your love for the U.S.A. While we’ve used stars, you could also create an American flag, the silhouette of your favorite president or a flock of eagles. Whip up a bowl of decoupage, clip your tissue paper and get to crafting. No need to worry about toxic chemicals making their way into your kiddo’s mouths - this recipe is nontoxic and safe for ingestion, although we wouldn’t necessarily advocate eating it whole! Your finished product can be displayed in a multitude of ways. String it up along with several other lanterns around your patio for festive day-time décor or add it to a set of Christmas lights to help it glow. You could also use the lanterns as bright centerpieces by placing a battery-operated candle inside. Looking for more sweet treats for the Fourth of July? Check out our website for 79 more recipes perfect for a patriotic celebration.

How to make a star spangled paper pattern and Fourth of July cake