Things To Make With Just A Little Bit Of Sugar

Mar 08, 2017
Things To Make With Just A Little Bit Of Sugar

The bottom of the sugar bag is a curious place. With just a few scoops left, there’s a dilemma of, “Do I buy more now? Or can I find a way to use this before I head to the store?” We opt for the latter, because there is so much you can do with just a little bit of sugar. Just a few scoops of sugar can make a splash in many ways. Check out these recipe-based ideas for what to do when you’re getting low on the sweet stuff. Coat something a little bit of sugar Recipes like our Sweet and Salty Cashews show that a dusting of sugar can make simple food complex. Give nuts, fruits and desserts a sprinkling of sugar before serving to add a little sweetness. Add it to a spice mix a little bit of sugar When combined with other ingredients, sugar can make a recipe sing. A few tablespoons in our Dry Rub add a caramel-coating to cooked meats. Incorporate in a marinade or dressing a little bit of sugar Some foods need a little pep, and that’s why we have dressings, marinades and sauces.  You can use that last bit of sugar to make your vinaigrettehot sauce and ketchup more palatable. Whip some cream a little bit of sugar All you need for Creme Chantilly is a little sugar and a lot of cream. Use it to uplift your recipes (or just eat it on its own - we won’t tell anyone). Try your hand at pastry making a little bit of sugar Many pastries only call for small amounts of sugar. From pie crusts to funnel cakescrepes to beignets, a little sugar goes a long way to make these pastries stand out.


Don’t feel like cooking with that sugar? There are still tons of ways you can use it up. Make a sweet sugar scrub or a sugar art project (like bubblespaper mache or yarn art.) You can do a lot with just a little bit of sugar. Use up those last little bits, then go out and buy yourself a new bag. When you open it, there will be so many recipes and experiments to try anew!

Things to make with just a little bit of sugar