Valentine Emoji Sugar Cookies

Valentine Emoji Sugar Cookies

Our friend and brand ambassador Bridget Edwards shares her Valentine’s Day recipe for Emoji sugar cookies. Give a wink, a kiss or “love” eyes to someone you care about. 

And now, here’s Bridget from Bake at 350 !

Who knew emojis could be so romantic? Besides the heart emojis, three others lend themselves so well to a Valentine cookie set…the heart eyes, blowing a kiss, and wink emojis. We’re going to make all three sugar cookies.

You’ll need:

Classic Sugar Cookie recipe

Royal Icing recipe

1.5-2” circle cookie cutter

Gel paste food coloring in egg yellow and black


Disposable icing bags

Icing coupler

Icing tip: #1 or #1.5

Large red heart sprinkles


Cut cookie dough with the circle cookie cutter. Bake and allow to cool completely.

Make the royal icing and divide in two. Tint one bowl with the yellow food coloring and the other black. Press plastic wrap directly onto the food coloring to prevent crusting.

In a shallow bowl, thin the yellow icing with water, a bit at a time, stirring after each addition. Continue adding water until a ribbon of icing dropped back into the bowl, disappears in a count of 3-5 seconds. Cover the bowl with a damp dishcloth and let rest for several minutes.

Uncover the bowl and stir gently with a silicone spatula to pop any large air bubbles.For the base color, we’re using the “dip method.” Dip the cookies into the icing, leaving a full coating, but scraping excess off on the rim of the bowl. Shake gently to distribute evenly. Use a toothpick to pop large air bubbles. (If you’re not happy with the coverage, just dip again. This method is very forgiving and eliminates the need for piping a perfect circle.)

Let the icing dry for at least one hour.

Spoon the black icing into a bag fitted with the coupler and tip.

For The Heart Eyes Emoji

Pipe a wide smile toward the bottom of the cookie.

Pipe two small dots where the heart sprinkles will go. (In this photo, the icing is red, but the color doesn’t matter.) Place the sprinkles onto the dots.

For The Blowing A Kiss Emoji

Pipe a lower case “m” in the bottom center for the lips. To add the wink, start with the right eye and use a bit more pressure (for a thicker line) when adding the closed eyelid. Use less pressure when making the eyebrow. For the left eye, use more pressure when piping the “open” eye. Use less pressure adding the eyebrow.

Add a dot of icing where the sprinkle will go and press the heart sprinkle on top.

For The Winking EmojiPipe a smile (smaller than the heart eyes emoji), at the bottom of the cookie. Add the eyes and eyebrows as described for the blowing a kiss emoji above.[Note: for reference, type the emojis into a text message and refer to them as you’re working.]Let the cookies dry uncovered for 6-8 hours or overnight before stacking or packaging.Enjoy your delicious sugar cookies. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Check out our step-by-step, how-to video to see this recipe in action!