Lemon Scented Sugar Cube Easter Eggs

Lemon Scented Sugar Cube Easter Eggs


Making your own sugar cubes is very simple. Kids will love being able to mix the sugar, add flavorings, and make it any color they desire. Let them get creative with this fun kitchen activity.

As you see in the pictures, we happen to love bright Spring-colored hues - pink, blue, and yellow. The beauty is that the colors, shapes, and flavors are endless. Press into molds, or use small cookie cutters to make festive shapes. Add these to your Easter basket or use to decorate the table.

These make sweet little gifts for teachers or neighbors as well.



*If using gel colors, use a very small amount - a little goes a long way!


  1. Mix the sugar, water, and lemon extract until it resembles wet sand. If it is too dry, add a drop or two more water. If it is too wet, add a bit more sugar.
  2. Separate into bowls, and add a few drops of food coloring to each bowl. Mix until the color is combined throughout.
  3. Spoon into molds and let sit for 24 hours. Gently turn out of molds and display. OR:
  4. You can also pack the sugar into a cookie cutter, gently and carefully push it out of the mold onto the wax paper. Work your way around the shape in order to push the shape out on all sides at the same time, keeping the shape in place on the wax paper. Let dry for at least an hour before moving to drying rack. For the next 24-hours, gently flip sugar shapes several times to encourage drying. Repeat until completely dry.
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