3D Paper Heart Wreath

3D Paper Heart Wreath


Send all the love this Valentine's Day to friends, neighbors, and loved ones with this welcoming 3D Heart Wreath. Kids and adults alike will enjoy making this heartwarming decoration. The steps are simple for kids, and little ones will love to glue little hearts together to create cool 3D hearts to go around the wreath.   

Customize the wreath by changing the color of the paper, or adding glitter or other decorations to the hearts. Store this as a keepsake for many Valentine's Days to come. 


  1. Sugar Paste


  • 1 paper plate
  • Pink cardstock in varying shades (we used 3 colors for our wreath)
  • Scissors
  • Sugar paste
  • Yarn


  1. Cut the inside section of the paper plate so that it forms a ring with an opening in the center.
  2. Trace a heart shape onto the pink cardstock and cut it out. You will need enough hearts to go around the outside of the paper plate. We used 13 for the outer border on our wreath.
  3. Use the sugar paste to attach the outer border of hearts to your wreath.
  4. Now trace the heart onto another color of cardstock. You’ll need five heart shapes for each 3D heart you want to make. We made 12 total 3D hearts, so we cut 60 heart shapes.
  5. Fold the hearts you just cut in half, and apply sugar paste to the back of one side. Press the opposite sides of two folded heart shapes together and repeat until you have a 3D heart that fans out.
  6. Glue the 3D hearts on top of the outer border, creating an inner border.
  7. We added three more hearts to the inside of the wreath for some extra flair!
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