Personalized Cookie Tins


Keepsake cookie and candy tins make a thoughtful gift for a teacher, grandparent or anyone special in your life. You can customize your cookie tin in a variety of ways. Use a child's artwork for a special Mother's Day gift or Father's Day gift. Create a personal message of encouragement for someone battling illness. Say congratulations on a job well done. The cherished memories will last long after the sweet treats in the tin are gone.



  1. Scan your artwork or photographs. Water slide decals and full page labels come in both white and clear. Decide which to use based on the image you are printing and the color of your cookie tin. Something else to consider: water slide decals are much thinner, so they create a more seamless image on the cookie tin. Full page labels are much easier to use, but they will have a slightly raised edge around the image.
  2. Cut out the image using specialty shaped scissors or scrapbook cutout tools.
  3. If you are using water slide decals, follow the instructions which normally include soaking the paper, placing it and working out any air bubbles.
  4. Fill with homemade cookies or candy and present this cherished gift with love.


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