Melted Texas Sugar Snowman

Melted Texas Sugar Snowman


It's no secret that snowmen don't last long in Texas. With this simple ornament, you can enjoy all the makings of a "sweet" snowman no matter what the climate is. With all the ingredients of a snowman together in a glass ornament, you'll almost believe with a strong gust of cool air and a little Christmas magic, your snowman could come to life. Tip: A funnel will help little hands get the snowman ingredients inside the glass balls.



  1. With a funnel, pour sugar into the glass ornament - about 1/3 full.
  2. Shape little "coal" round eyes out of black fondant and a carrot nose out of orange fondant. Alternatively, you can purchase colored sugar sheets from your local craft store (in the baking aisle) and use a hole punch to cut out two eyes and a craft knife to cut out a triangle for the nose.
  3. Find two little sticks from the yard and cut a small piece of ribbon for the scarf.
  4. Carefully drop all the pieces of your snowman on top of the sugar snow inside the ornament. Place the hangar portion of the ornament back on top and tie a matching ribbon around the ornament top.
  5. Hang carefully from your tree.
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