Thanksgiving Painted Hand Garland

 Thanksgiving Painted Hand Garland


Get kids of all age involved in this fun and colorful Thanksgiving craft. Sweet traced hands are painted with homemade edible paint and decorated with pom poms and beads. For the special finishing touch, kids express what they are thankful for onto each hand. 

Little ones will have fun making and applying the paint, and older ones can help write on the hands, string the poms and beads. This is a sweet garland you can bring out and display (and add to) year after year. 


  • Homemade edible finger paint
  • White cardstock
  • Sharpie marker (we used gold metallic)
  • Hole punch
  • Embroidery thread or yarn
  • Large, blunt embroidery needle 
  • Pom poms and large beads 


  1. Make the finger paint as directed. 
  2. Trace your child’s hands onto white card stock – help your littles, and the older ones can do it themselves.
  3. Ask the kids what they are thankful for and write their words of gratitude on their hands with Sharpie markers (older kids can do this themselves). 
  4. String a pom pom garland. Use a large, blunt embroidery needle (best for young kids) on the end of some doubled up embroidery thread to string a garland of pom poms and big beads.
  5. Add thankful hands to pom pom garland.
  6. Punch holes at the top of each thankful hand and string a 6 inch length of embroidery thread through it. Then tie the hand to the pom pom garland. Cut out the hand tracings.
  7. Hang your Thanksgiving garlands. 
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