Sugar Cube Igloo

Sugar Cube Igloo


Building a sugar cube igloo is a fun holiday activity for the whole family. All you need is some sugar cubes, icing and some creativity. This sweet Christmas project has been a fan favorite for decades. 



  1. Mixing the Mortar. Using a hand or stand electric mixer, combine powdered sugar, egg whites and half of lemon until mixture is smooth. This frosting, known as Royal Icing, will be mortar for your igloo.
  2. Preparing the Foundation. Lay a sheet of wax paper flat on a decorative tray. Building your igloo on a decorative tray will allow you to create a winter wonderland around your igloo once it is finished.
  3. Creating the Igloo. Use half of the Styrofoam ball, which forms a dome, as a support to build the igloo around. This will make the building process easier and prevent unwanted collapses. Dip the bottom and side (that presses into the dome) of each cube in the frosting before you add it to the dome. Press each cube inward and down to make sure it is secure. Be sure to place the cubes like bricklayers do so that the first cube of the second layer is placed in between the first and second cube of the first layer. Repeat for each layer until you reach the top of the dome, filling in all of the Styrofoam with cubes until the surface is entirely covered with cubes.
  4. Creating the Entrance. Line 2 to 3 sugar cubes on either side of the hole you left in your igloo so that it creates two perpendicular lines protruding from the dome. Use the frosting to stick together the cubes the same way you did your base layer. Add a few more layers, again placing the cubes slightly closer to the center for each layer, until you have a domed entrance. Or, you may use other candy or decorations to build your entrance (see photo).
  5. Finishing Touches. Once your igloo has dried, you can use the extra royal icing to make snow on top of the igloo and fill in the cracks. You can also let it drip from the top of the entrance to form icicles. Add toys or snow village accessories to complete your winter wonderland.
  6. Caution: igloo is for decoration only. It should not be consumed because of the raw eggs in the frosting.
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