Surprise Watercolor Spider Webs

Surprise Watercolor Spider Webs


Here's a fun Halloween activty that will keep the kids busy with fun! Whether you're having a kids' Halloween party, or just want to get into the spooky spirit of the holiday, these magic spider webs will do the trick.

Kids will be so surprised to find hidden spider webs in these paintings. Using glue, draw a spider web on each piece of paper. Let dry completely (overnight is best), and then use watercolors to paint over the dried glue. Like magic, spider webs will appear. Add some spiders and you have an adorable craft perfect for Halloween.

Put these paintings around the house for a creepy look. Use them to decorate walls, tablescapes and more.



  1. Mix flour, sugar, water and oil in a pot and stir over low heat until well combined and smooth in texture to make glue.
  2. Paint spider webs using glue mixture over paper. Let dry completely, preferably overnight.
  3. Have children brush watercolor over dried glue and webs will appear.
  4. When dry, add spider stickers.


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