Wicked Good Witch Hat Cookies

Wicked Good Witch Hat Cookies


Well, my pretty, you and yours will just love these Wicked Good Witch Hats for your next Halloween celebration! You decide whether it's for a good witch or a bad witch using our homemade edible playdough recipe and Oreo cookies. Your little ghosts and goblins will enjoy making these as much as eating them.

This edible art project is super simple too. The witch hat base is made from a peanut mixture that is rolled in crushed chocolate cookies.  Then the pointy part of the hat is attached to an Oreo cookie. The ribbon is made from fondant, which is a bit labor intensive. But if you are in a hurry, edible paper will do just as well.

This is a great activity for a kids' Halloween party. They can get their hands dirty, and eat the final product! This recipe makes 12 Wicked Good Witch Hat Cookies. 



  1. To make edible playdough: use your hands to mix peanut butter, honey and powdered sugar in large bowl. The dough should be soft enough to be pliable and not sticky.
  2. Shape dough into cone shape for top of witch hat. 
  3. In ziplock bag, crush several Oreo cookies (without the creamy filling) into small pieces. 
  4. Empty crushed cookies onto a plate and roll each "playdough" witch hat in the Oreos until coated
  5. Place coated hat on top of Oreo cookies. If the hat doesn't want to stay, you can use a dollup of canned icing to hold it in place.
  6. Cut thin strip of green fondant to make a band for the hat. Attach to cookie at base of cone-shaped top.
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