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Café Cubano (Cuban Coffee)

Café Cubano (Cuban Coffee)



    1. Fill bottom container with water below seal. The amount of water depends on the size of pot that you are using.
    2. Put ground coffee (Bustelo is a very popular brand that you can buy online or in specialty grocery stores) in middle portion of pot and tap down and then add a little bit more. The amount depends on the size of coffee pot.
    3. Screw top of coffee pot on to base.
    4. Turn on a burner to medium to low heat an place pot on stove.
    5. In about 5 minutes you will begin to hear sputtering sounds coming from pot. That is when you know coffee is ready, so turn off your burner.
    6. Put granulated sugar into cup first – 1 teaspoon per demitasse or to taste, and pour coffee over sugar to melt it.
    7. Enjoy the rich flavor of Cuba.
    Imperial Sugar Insight

    For Café con Leche, simply use 2 parts Cuban Coffee to 1 part steamed milk.

    You can also use an espresso machine instead of a stovetop coffee pot. Just follow the instructions.