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Brownie Baked Alaska


    *Spoon & Sweep method: Use a spoon to fill measuring cup with flour until required amount is obtained. Scooping measuring cup directly into flour bag will firmly pack flour resulting in too much flour required for recipe.


    1. Preheat oven to 350°F. 
    2. Butter a 9 x 13-inch baking pan, for much easier removal after baking line bottom and sides with parchment paper. (Butter will help it to stick to pan). Set aside.
    3. Sift together flour, cocoa powder and baking soda and set aside.
    4. Cut butter in pieces and place in bowl large enough to hold all brownie ingredients. 
    5. Melt butter over low simmering water and remove from heat. Whisk in sugar. Add eggs and vigorously whisk until well combined. Add vanilla and salt. Remove whisk and using a spatula mix in dry ingredients.  
    6. Pour batter into prepared pan and place in oven. Bake until center of brownies has set and no longer trembles, about 35 minutes. Set aside. 
    7. Line a bowl with interior dimensions of 8-9 inches with plastic food film, plastic will stick best if you lightly brush the mold with oil. Place in freezer until needed. 
    8. Using homemade ice cream directions: Bring to a full boil cream, milk, sugar and salt. Remove from heat and place saucepan in bowl filled with ice cubes. When most ice cubes have melted renew ice cubes and cover pan, sprinkle a cup of salt on ice cubes to get ice cream mixture super cold. (To ensure a smooth ice cream it is essential that the ice cream mixture is very cold when pouring it in  ice cream maker). Add peppermint extract and green food color. 
    9. Churn ice cream according to machine manufacturer’s directions. Once churned scoop quickly into chilled bowl and even out  surface. Return to freezer. Skip step 10. 
    10. Using purchased ice cream directions: Remove ice cream from freezer and let sit for 15 minutes to slightly soften. Press quickly and firmly into pre-chilled plastic lined bowl. Return to freezer.  
    11. Place a cutting board on top of baked brownie. Flip upside down and remove cookie sheet and parchment paper.  
    12. Before cutting brownie sheet, measure diameter of obtained ice cream surface. Using these dimensions, cut a circle out brownie sheet large enough to cover entire surface of ice cream and fitting tightly into bowl. Freeze for at least 4 hours or overnight.  
    13. Next day lift ice cream out of bowl, if it refuses to come out of bowl hold it briefly upside down under warm/hot running water. Place on serving tray and return to freezer.  
    14. For meringue whip egg whites, sugar and vanilla extract over low simmering water. Using a hand held whisk, whip to 145°F. Remove from heat and continue whipping using a machine until meringue is thick and fluffy. 
    15. Remove Alaska from freezer and using a spatula completely cover it with meringue making sure there are no gaps or holes. Alaska should be completely encased in meringue. Lift spatula up and down to create points. Return to freezer. 
    16. Place Baked Alaska in a 475-500°F oven for a few minutes and until browned. (Stay by oven!) You can also use a propane torch but be sure to follow safety precautions as directed by manufacturer.
    17. Using a propane torch move medium flame over meringue until golden brown. Once browned Baked Alaska can be frozen for up to a week.
    Imperial Sugar Insight
    • Few desserts create as many oohhs and ahhs as Baked Alaska. It is not difficult to make but you must follow the procedure closely for good results.
    • You can use store-bought ice cream but if you have a large 4 quart ice cream maker, you certainly can make your own. If you use store-bought it should be labeled "premium" or "ultra-premium". You need the very firm ice cream for this recipe.
    • You will have leftover brownies which can be consumed immediately, frozen or taken to the office.