Imperial Sugar
Imperial Sugar

Chocolate Truffle Spiders


  • 12 ounce package dark chocolate candy coating
  • 1 package black licorice wheels
  • 1 package red gummy berries
  • Handful of white rice grains
  • Truffles


  1. Make a batch of Chef Eddy's chocolate truffles, or use store-bought. If using our recipe, instead of rolling the truffle in cocoa powder, roll it in candy coating to create a hard outside shell.
  2. Cut black licorice wheels into 1.5 inch strips for the legs.
  3. Cut red raspberry gummy candy in half to form eyes.  Use candy coating to adhere a small square of licorice for the center of the eye.
  4. On a piece of parchment paper, place a 1/2 inch dot of melted chocolate candy coating. Working quickly, place 4 licorice strips on the right and left side of the dot to form the legs of the spider.
  5. Place a chocolate truffle on top of the chocolate dot for the body of the spider.
  6. Use a small spot of chocolate candy coating to adhere the gummy eyes to your spider.
  7. Place to small grains of white rice under the eyes to form the fangs.
  8. Click the Play Recipe Video link above to watch Chef Eddy assemble these spiders.