Blackberry, Blueberry Orange Pudding Coupe

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Blackberry, Blueberry Orange Pudding Coupe



  1. Prepare ladyfingers and set aside.
  2. Measure frozen blueberries and then defrost. Place in a saucepan along with sugar and bring to a boil. Remove from heat.
  3. When cooled, place in a blender and puree until very smooth. Set aside 1/2 cup of blueberry puree in the refrigerator.
  4. To remaining blueberry puree, add zest of 1 orange (no white bitter pith) and juice. Add lemon juice. Set blueberry sauce aside.
  5. Cut off rounded ends of ladyfingers.
  6. Dip ladyfingers in blueberry sauce until completely moist and “stick” onto edge of the bowl. Continue with other ladyfingers making a tight band of ladyfingers.
  7. On bottom of bowl arrange a layer of ladyfingers and spoon generously with blueberry sauce. The ladyfingers need to be drenched.  
  8. In a cold bowl whip cream and sugar on medium speed. Once cream starts to thicken add chilled 1/2 cup blueberry sauce and whip until cream holds its shape. Do not keep whipping or it will turn into blueberry butter!
  9. Spoon a layer of cream onto ladyfingers. Scatter some blackberries onto cream.
  10. Cover with another layer of ladyfingers soaked in blueberry sauce followed by cream and blackberries.
  11. Cover once again with a layer of soaked ladyfingers and follow with cream and blackberries.
  12. Place remaining cream in a piping bag fitted with a large star tip and pipe rosettes on surface.
  13. Decorate with remaining blackberries.
Imperial Sugar Insight
  1. Store-bought ladyfingers can be used in lieu of homemade.
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