Candied Bacon and Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream

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Candied Bacon and Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream



    1. Sprinkle uncooked bacon with dark brown sugar and bake at 400°F until crispy.  Allow to cool and chop into bits. Set aside.
    2. Combine milk, sugar and salt in medium saucepan and warm over medium heat until sugar is dissolved.  Do not allow to boil.
    3. In a separate bowl, whisk egg yolks.  Once milk mixture is hot, temper eggs by adding half of mixture into eggs, whisking constantly.  Return mixture to saucepan and heat until thickened.
    4. Pour heavy cream into a large mixing bowl over an ice bath.  Strain custard into cream, stirring until cooled.  Add vanilla extract, stir and place in refrigerator until thoroughly chilled, about 5 hours or overnight.
    5. Once chilled, add to ice cream maker and follow manufacturer’s instructions for freezing.
    6. Near end of freezing cycle, add bacon bits and pour melted chocolate into ice cream and allow to swirl.  Freeze in airtight container.
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    Recipe developed for Imperial Sugar by Susan Whetzel @doughmesstic.

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