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    1. Bring first listed sugar and water to a full boil and set aside until cooled.
    2. Spread a thin layer of cooking oil in an 8 or 9-inch spring form pan. Line bottom and sides of pan with plastic food wrap.
    3. Cut one rounded end of  ladyfingers to ensure that they will sit straight up in the prepared pan. Arrange ladyfingers snugly into prepared pan.
    4. Combine cooled syrup and almond liquor. Dip remaining ladyfingers into the syrup until very moist and place on bottom of pan. Continue until most gaps are filled.
    5. Combine gelatin and 3 tablespoon water with a small spoon and set aside.
    6. Heat milk and second listed sugar close to a boil.  Remove from heat and add gelatin mixture. Whisk smooth and set aside.
    7. In a cold bowl, whip first listed whipping cream to very soft peaks. Do not whip until firm enough to decorate a pie! Set aside.
    8. Pour milk-gelatin mixture into a bowl large enough to hold whipped cream as well. Add vanilla.
    9. Place the bowl into a bowl or sink filled with ice cubes. Continually stir milk mixture until it starts to slightly thicken.
    10. Remove bowl from ice and add whipped cream, gently stir until well combined.
    11. Before proceeding to fill cream into the prepared ladyfinger lined pan, the cream needs to be a thickness close to the consistency of mayonnaise. If not, cream will seep through the ladyfinger gaps. If needed, place cream for a few minutes into and ice bowl while stirring until the right consistency is obtained.
    12. Using a ladle, fill about half of cream into pan. Dip some remaining ladyfingers into syrup and place on top of cream.
    13. Fill pan with remaining cream up to edge of tops of ladyfingers. Place in the refrigerator for several hours until filling has set.
    14. Remove spring form pan and lift cake onto a serving platter.
    15. Whip remaining whipping cream, remaining sugar and vanilla to firm peaks. Fill into a piping bag fitted with large star tip.
    16. Pipe rosettes along edge of cake.
    17. Fill center with choice of fruits. Sprinkle fruit with powdered sugar.
    18. Remove cake at least 30 minutes from refrigerator before serving. 
    Imperial Sugar Insight

    NOTE: A 7 ounce package of store-bought ladyfingers can be used in place of homemade. 

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