Leprechaun S'Mores

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Leprechaun S’Mores



    1. Prepare graham crackers dough and place in the refrigerator until firm enough to roll, about 30-45 minutes.
    2. Roll dough 3 credit cards thick on a well floured surface, cut into circles about 1/4 inches larger than diameter of a large marshmallow. Place on parchment lined cookie sheets and place in oven until cookies are golden and crisp. Let cool.
    3. Melt candy coating as described by the manufacturer.
    4. Dip bottom of marshmallows in candy coating and place on a prebaked graham cookie. Let coating harden.
    5. Place one “hat” on a fork and hold above bowl containing chocolate coating, using a ladle pour chocolate coating over “hat”. Tilting fork, carefully slide “hat” onto parchment or plastic food film lined cookie sheets. Reheat coating when it becomes too thick.
    6. Make a handful of rolled fondant green and roll onto a powdered sugared surface about 2 credit cards thick. Cut into thin strips and wrap around bottom of “hats”. Using a tiny drop of water “glue “ends together.
    7. Take a small amount of green fondant and roll in between hands to make a “clover stem” Place on “hats”. Roll 3 small fondant balls and press flat around the stem to simulate a clover.
    8. Make a small amount of fondant yellow and roll onto a well powdered sugared surface. Cut into squares and glue onto the green ribbon using a tiny amount of water.
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    Keep any unused rolled fondant in tightly wrapped food film and store in a thick plastic food bag with minimum amount of air remaining in bag. Fondant will last for weeks.

    Watch as Chef Eddy shows how easy it is to make your own homemade fondant in this video.

    Remaining Graham crackers dough can be baked and used for snacks or it can be frozen and baked for another time.

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