Peach Ice Cream Pie With Strawberries

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    1. Place graham cracker pie crust in freezer to get cold.
    2. Bring water, sugar, corn syrup, and fresh ginger to a full boil and remove from heat. Chill on ice to make very cold.
    3. Pour into a fine sieve to remove ginger pieces. Add peaches and place in a blender and mix super smooth. Any peach bits will become super hard in ice cream and is therefore undesired. Add heavy cream.
    4. Return on ice bath to make mixture very cold and then churn in ice cream maker. The colder the mixture, the quicker it will churn, the smoother the ice cream. (Professional ice cream makers churn in about 5 minutes.)
    5. Scoop into pre-chilled graham cracker pie and smooth the surface. Place in freezer.
    6. Place about 4-5 ripe strawberries in blender along with sugar, blend to a smooth puree.
    7. Slice the remaining strawberries and toss with strawberry puree. Do not spread onto frozen pie until ready to serve (therwise strawberries will become rock hard in freezer).
    8. Sprinkle strawberries filling with some finely sliced mint leaves and Crème Chantilly.
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