Raspberry Coconut Balls

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Raspberry Coconut Balls Dixie



  1. Blend raspberries to smooth puree. Press thru sieve to remove seeds. Measure 1/2 cup. Any remaining amount can be used to flavor sparkling or flat water.
  2. If using almond meal instead of almond flour, combine almond meal with powdered sugar and blend until very fine. Add to raspberry puree.
  3. If using desiccated coconut, add to mixture. If using standard, but unsweetened coconut, it must be blended until very fine. Place 1 1/3 cups of unsweetened coconut in blender and process until very fine. Measure 1/2 cup (remaining is used to roll balls) and add to raspberry mixture.
  4. Mixture can be rolled immediately, but if placed in a refrigerator for several hours or overnight, balls will hold shape better.
  5. Shape into about 1 tablespoon size balls and roll in coconut.
  6. Keep refrigerated.
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