Werewolf Chocolate Glazed Donuts

These tasty Werewolf Chocolate Glazed Donuts make the perfect Halloween treat. Made easy with store-bought chocolate glazed donuts, you can make these...

Skeleton Jelly Filled Donuts

These scary good Skeleton Jelly Filled Donuts are much easier than they look. Simple to make, you can easily get the little chefs involved building...

Chocolate Truffle Spider Donuts

Ready for Halloween? These adorably spooky and delicious Chocolate Truffle Spider Donuts will be the hit of any Halloween party. Cake donuts are...

Heart Puff Pastries with Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce

Delicate puff pastries filled with homemade ice cream (or Creme Chantilly) and dipped in chocolate ganache.

Mini Raspberry Curd Eclairs

Chef Eddy's Mini Raspberry Éclairs are filled with a homemade raspberry curd and topped with a shiny chocolate ganache.

Palmiers or Elephant Ears

Known by all kinds of names - palmiers, palm leaves, elephant ears and French hearts - these sweet French pastries are quick and super easy to make....

Mini Chocolate Espresso Eclairs

Chef Eddy's Mini Chocolate Espresso Éclairs are filled with a rich chocolate coffee pastry cream and topped with a shiny chocolate ganache glaze.

Nutella Hot Cocoa Popover Souffles

These chocolate nutella popovers are light, crispy shells with a hollow, custardy interior. Our recipe fills that interior with dark and milk...

Heart Shaped Cherry Hand Pies

This quick and easy recipe is great for beginner chefs, or just those who want a right-sized dessert that doesn't require a lot of effort. Our Heart...