Caramel Pecan Chocolate Cups

Caramel Pecan Chocolate Cups

Fans of the TURTLES® Candies are going to love this recipe. Our version of Caramel Pecan Chocolate Cups candy uses dark chocolate instead of milk...

Orange Nut Fudge

A rich and creamy fudge with lots of orange and citrus flavor. This vintage recipe appears in the Imperial Sugar 125th anniversary cookbook....

Old Fashioned Sea Foam Candy

Light and airy, this old fashioned sea foam recipe is found in one of our vintage cookbooks from 1951, Sue's Candy Kettle and Some of Her Success...

Heavenly Hash Squares

Here's a throwback dessert that's sure to please. If you like rocky road fudge, you'll love this Heavenly Hash treat. Inspired by the Louisiana...
Old Fashioned Vinegar Taffy

Old Fashioned Vinegar Taffy

Making your own candy is much easier than you think and lots of fun! This Old Fashioned Vinegar Taffy is made entirely without corn syrup or...

White Chocolate Truffles

As easy as they are decadent, these White Chocolate Truffles rival those found in high-end chocolatier shops.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bon Bons

A classic recipe from the 1992 issue of Homemade Good News. These Chocolate Peanut Butter Bon Bons package well and make great gifts.

Old Fashioned Buttermilk Fudge

We resurrected this classic Buttermilk Fudge recipe from 1951 Sue's Candy Kettle Cookbook. 60+ years later and it is still just as delicious - plus...