Candied Pecan Divinity

Southern sweetness at its finest. Cloudy dollops of heavenly meringue baked with sweet candied pecans hidden inside.

Mint Chocolate Candy Brownies

Rich chocolate fudge brownies packed with mint chocolate candy and topped with layers of creme de menthe frosting and chocolate ganache.

Bittersweet Balsamic Strawberry Swirl Brownies

These rich and fudgey brownies took 1st Place in the 2014 Food & Wine Conference Signature Brownie Contest! Not too sweet and just a bit tangy/fruity...

Easter Candy Chocolate Bark

Who says bark is just for the winter holidays? Dress up this easy white and dark chocolate bark with malted Easter egg candies, chocolate Easter eggs,...

Easter Egg Bark Candy

This Easter Bark Candy is a quick and easy Easter treat. (It is also a great way to use that leftover Easter candy!) Just sprinkle green colored sugar...

Marshmallow Candy Flowers

Bring a little bit of Spring inside with these Marshmallow Candy Flowers. Perfect by themselves, these candy treats would also make a great cupcake,...

Candy Corn Flowers

These candy corn flower treats have only four ingredients. Serve them at a Sunday school party, as a fun tea party food or package them together and...

Potato Candy Pinwheels with Salted Caramel and Chocolate

A new “spin” on the classic potato candy filled with chocolate ganache and salted caramel.

Mudslide Brownies

Here's a dessert for the grown-up table. Chocolate and coffee liqueur swirl together to make a fudgy and rich brownie that's topped with a Irish...