Banana Pound Cake

This cake has the moist texture of a great pound cake with the delicious flavor of banana bread.

Praline Cheesecake

This super creamy cheesecake has a traditional pecan praline topping drizzled over the top. A true Southern treat!

Pure Butter Pie Crust

While we'll agree that a store-bought pie crust is convenient, it just can't hold a candle to the buttery, flaky taste of a homemade pie crust. Chef...

Crème Chantilly

Crème Chantilly is also known as whipped cream. This delicious cream is the perfect topping to use in place of artificial whipped toppings on pies,...

Chef Eddy's Peanut Butter Cookies

Quick, easy and chock full of peanutty goodness, Chef Eddy's take on the classic peanut butter cookie recipe will please the whole family. Can be...