Polvorones De Canela Imperial

Polvorones De Canela

Polvorones de Canela are a delightfully crumbly cookie, rolled in cinnamon powdered sugar. Serve them up during the holidays with a glass of milk,...
Snipp Cookies Imperial

Snipp Cookies

Looking for a delectably crisp and very flavorful cookie with an extraordinary spice profile? Don’t look any further than these Norwegian Snipp...
Zimtsterne Cookies Imperial

Zimtsterne Cookies

Zimtsterne Cookies, or cinnamon stars, are a traditional German cookie, particularly popular during the Christmas season. These cookies are known for...
Cranberry Orange Bars Imperial

Cranberry Orange Bars

Are you a cranberry lover? Then you will love these pucker-worthy Cranberry Orange Bars. The filling is made with fresh cranberries and oranges to...
Espresso Cookies Imperial

Espresso Cookies

Want a delicious gluten-free cookie but don’t have specialty flour on hand? These tasty Espresso Cookies use cocoa and powdered sugar in place of...
Oreo Snowballs Imperial

Oreo Snowballs

These fun no-bake cookies are made with crushed Oreo cookies and cream cheese and then rolled in powdered sugar for a festive “snowy” dessert. Oreo...
Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Imperial

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

The combination of mint and chocolate is always a winner. These Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies are proof. Delicious for any occasion, but the beautiful...
Peppermint Cookies Imperial

Peppermint Cookies

What could be better than a delicious crumbly cookie with a chocolate peppermint filling? These Peppermint Cookies make a minty and peppery addition...
Walnut Sugar Cookies Imperial

Walnut Sugar Cookies

Walnut Sugar Cookies are a modern spin on a classic walnut cookie recipe. They’re made with granulated and brown sugar and a pan-banging process that...
Cranberry Orange Cookies Imperial

Cranberry Orange Cookies

The combination of cranberry and orange is synonymous with the holiday season. This sweet and tangy flavor punch shines brightly in Chef Eddy's...