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Paula is the recipe developer, food stylist, food photographer, writer, editor, and chief dishwasher behind the blog bell'alimento.

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Air Fryer BBQ Rubbed Salmon

Loving your air fryer? You will definitely want to add this Air Fried BBQ Rubbed Salmon to your repertoire. In just 10 minutes you could be savoring a...

Air Fryer Vegetable Fried Rice

Break out the air fryer for an easy twist on a delicious meal or side dish. This Air Fryer Vegetable Fried Rice requires only a few simple ingredients...

Apple Spice Cake

This Apple Spice Cake has just the right amount of sugar and spice, plus a layer of Brown Buttercream frosting in-between. It tastes even better...

Bacon Jam

Do you love bacon so much that you wish you could spread it on everything? Then you've just found your new favorite recipe! Thick and decadent Bacon...

Balsamic Roasted Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbet

Take your sorbet up a notch by roasting the strawberries and rhubarb first! Your summer just got a whole lot sweeter with the help of this 5...

Blueberry Thyme Lemonade

A simple sweet and tart summer sipper. You’ll be reaching for this Blueberry Thyme Lemonade time and time again.

Bread and Butter Refrigerator Pickles

Make your own sweet pickle spears (aka Bread and Butter Pickles) in just minutes. Perfect for snacking or to accompany a burger and fries.

Brown Butter Buttercream Frosting

Just four ingredients is all you need to make a creamy and delicious batch of Brown Butter Buttercream. This rich, fragrant, and flavorful frosting...

Brown Sugar Citrus Glazed Salmon

Quick and easy, this Brown Sugar Citrus Glaze brings out the best in a flaky salmon filet. The slightly tart blood orange juice is balanced by sweet...

Brown Sugar Manhattan

This Brown Sugar Manhattan is a twist on a classic for a well-balanced and delicious cocktail. Date night, Valentine’s Day, the holidays or New Years,...

Brussels Sprouts, Bacon and Leek Fritters

Savory Brussels sprouts, fresh leeks, and crispy bacon are the perfect flavor combination for this southern classic. Whip up a batch of these amazing...

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