Cinnamon Sugar Shaker

Imperial Sugar Cinnamon Sugar Shaker is a divine blend of non-GMO extra fine granulated pure cane sugar and earthy cinnamon. Mixed at just the right ratio, this spicy-sweet blend of cinnamon and sugar has a familiar warm aroma and flavor that's perfect for cinnamon toast, oatmeal, churros, and snickerdoodles. 

Imperial Sugar Cinnamon Sugar Shaker comes in a convenient pourable container with a flip top lid, making it easy to scoop, pour or sprinkle cinnamon sugar on all your favorite recipes. 

For 175 years, Imperial Sugar has been a trusted name in family kitchens all across Texas. We’re the secret ingredient in family-favorite recipes handed down from one generation to the next. Memories are made when you bake with love and Imperial Sugar. 

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